What is MyMedicare? 

What are the benefits of MyMedicare?

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Is my Organisation eligible? 

Registering your practice for MyMedicare 

Registering your patients for MyMedicare

How to check if a patient is registered for MyMedicare

Managing patient registrations in clinical software

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What is MyMedicare? 

MyMedicare is a new voluntary registration program that aims to strengthen the relationship between patients, their GP, and primary care teams.  

Registration is voluntary for all patients, providers and organisations. Patients will be able to register with a practice if they have visited at least twice in the past 24 months
Reduced registration requirements may apply to certain patients. These include: 

  • 1 visit in the past 12 months for patients registered with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services and practices in MMM 6 & 7 locations 

  • A parent/ child can be registered at the same practice, provided one of them has an existing registration 

  • Exemptions from any requirements apply to people who may be disadvantaged including people experiencing domestic and family violence, and homeless people.  

What are the benefits of MyMedicare?

  • Increased MBS billing 
    • registered practices will have access to longer MBS funded telephone consultations (Levels C & D) to registered patients 
    • triple bulk billing incentive for longer MBS telehealth consultations (Levels C, D, & E) for children under 16, pensioners, and concession card holders 
    • Chronic Disease Management items linked to a patient’s registration in MyMedicare from November 2024, in order to support continuity of care for people with chronic and complex conditions.  (Patients who are not registered for MyMedicare will still be able to receive chronic disease management items from their usual GP.) 
  • Improving health outcomes for patients  
    • Patient empowerment 
    • Access and equity 
    • greater continuity of care with their registered practice 
    • New blended funding payments to support better care through various incentives 
    • Practices who have signed up to MyMedicare will also have access to the General Practice in Aged Care Incentive from 1 August 2024. This incentive will support regular health assessments, care plans, and regular GP visits for those in aged care homes. 
    • Shift to long term and preventative care 

MyMedicare Timeline


Is my organisation eligible for MyMedicare?

Eligibility for General Practice

An accreditation exemption is available until 30 June 2025, and is available to non-accredited practices (including sole providers) who deliver general practice services through mobile and outreach models, including- 

  • In rural areas 
  • In residential aged care 
  • In disability residential settings 
  • To First Nations Australians 
  • To those experiencing homelessness 

For more information and support on accreditation processes, see the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (for general practice), or contact your local PHN.  

Eligibility for Healthcare Providers

  • Work at a MyMedicare eligible practice  
  • Be linked to the practice on the Organisation Register 
  • Have a valid provider number and be eligible to deliver MBS or Department of Veterans’ Affairs equivalent services 

The provider must be a GP or Nurse Practitioner. Eligible GPs include- 

  • Vocationally registered GPs 
  • Non-vocationally registered GPs 
  • GP registrars 

Registering your practice for MyMedicare 

General practices can register in the Organisation Register.  

To register, you must; 

  • Ensure your eligibility 

  • Create your organisation in PRODA

  • Link your PRODA organisation to HPOS

  • Access the Organisation Register in HPOS to- 

    • Create your Organisation record 

    • Create your Organisation site record 

  • Link your eligible providers 

  • Add the MyMedicare program code 

  • Set your MyMedicare Preferences

    • Choosing Auto-accept will mean that new registrations submitted by a patient will be automatically accepted by your practice (remember patients will need to meet eligibility criteria to register).

Use this Checklist and steps to register for MyMedicare in PRODA, HPOS and the Organisation Register to guide you through the process. 

Registering your patients for MyMedicare

This eLearning module from Services Australia gives a detailed guide to Managing Patient Registrations for MyMedicare.

Patients can register for MyMedicare via the following methods:

  • By completing a paper registration form at the practice. The practice is then responsible for submitting this information through HPOS to complete the registration.
  • Through the Express Plus Medicare app,
  • Through their Medicare Online Account.

How to check if a patient is registered for MyMedicare

Patient List for MyMedicare in HPOS

You can view all registered patients and search for specific patients via the Patient List for MyMedicare. This requires specific permissions in PRODA known as “attributes”. Refer to Managing Patient Registrations eLearning for further details.  

Express Plus Medicare app

Patients can check their own registration status if they are unsure by opening the Express Plus Medicare mobile app, and selecting MyMedicare. Patients registered to a practice can their view registration details; patients not registered will see a screen allowing them to search for a practice.

my health app

Patients can also check their own registration status through the my health app. Open the app, tap on their name at the top of the screen, select View profile and then look under the MyMedicare section.

Managing patient registrations in clinical software

Best Practice and Medical Director have both introduced features to allow you to record the MyMedicare registration status of patients in their patient record. Contact your software vendor directly for any further support with this.

Best Practice

You can now record the patient’s MyMedicare registrations status in BP Premier Orchid SP1 Revision 1. Visit Best Practice’s knowledge base here to learn more.

You can also update MyMedicare registrations in BP Premier in bulk using the BP Premier Reporting Tool to import the patient list from HPOS.

Medical Director

You can now record a patient’s MyMedicare registration status in MedicalDirector Clinical and Pracsoft with the MyMedicare Enrolment Status field.

You can also update MyMedicare registrations in bulk using the MyMedicare Import Wizard.

MyMedicare Resources

Visit Amend your Organisation Site Record for a guide to updating accreditation details, adding/removing providers.

Department of Health and Aged Care has developed Resources for MyMedicare general practices